Fertility for Dudes

Catawampus is now available IN NASHVILLE at East Side Story, Barnes & Noble (at Vanderbilt), Pangaea, and Parnassus!

The infertility memoir Catawampus tells the tale of the madness and confusion of fertility treatments, but, this time, from the husband’s perspective. The author and his wife endured two years of treatments, beginning with oral fertility drugs, through a laparoscopy, a slew of IUIs, multiple IVFs, and, finally, a course of homeopathic remedies.

So, specimen collecting? Sure. Syringes, large and small? Yes. Heartache, frustration, and anger? Of course, but the author also shows what else was going on at the time, because, despite the fact that the fertility process can dominate a couple’s focus, life continues to unfold. As such, the book is about a relationship between husband and wife, between parent and child, about friendship, and, ultimately, about what it means to be a father.

What they are saying about it:

"[Stuart] bravely offers a perspective you might not have heard and does it with humor and hope." 

— Samantha Fisher, WKRN (ABC - Nashville) News Anchor and former CNN correspondent

"With 'Catawampus' Stuart Burkhalter has created a quirky guide to understanding the fertility process that both educates and entertains. By chronicling the highs and lows of his own efforts to start a family with his wife, Stuart blends information with humor to create a wholly engaging read that is equal parts reference and memoir." 

— Hon. Rory-Owen Delaney, Man Bites Dog Films, director of The Rivalry: Red V. Blue, Toxic Soup, and others

"LOVED [the] book, and I plan on getting several friends of mine to buy it and read it. It is REALLY well done...."


— Chuck Beard, Author of Adventures Inside a Bright-Eyed Sky and owner/operator of East Side Story